Posted on: February 4, 2010 4:59 pm

Plea to Golden State Warrior owner Chris Cohan

     It's your move Chris Cohan, you are officially on the clock. First move is to decide whether you want (or need?) to sell the Golden State Warriors? Hopefully you answer "yes" and the rest of this becomes a "plea to Larry Ellison". Either way (probably a given with Mr. Ellison) the three headed albatross of Nelson, Riley, and Rowell need to be replaced. Replaced TODAY, not tomorrow or after the trade deadline or after their contracts run out or any other day of the year except TODAY. It is time to move forward Mr. Cohan.
     This is a new decade and the official moniker as last decades "worst run franchise in professional sports" is one you will have to live with. Remember that we are only one decade into this century so that makes you the owner of the front runner for "worst run franchise" of the century. How about it Chris let's make a move. Let's start by slaying the "albatross".
     Working from the "top"; in a poll of NBA teams it was reported thatRobert Rowell could not land a job in any capacity in the front office of any of them in the "basketball" side of the business. If you feel a twisted sense of loyalty or "affection" for Mr. Rowell why not move him into ticket sales or season ticket holder relations? The days Rowell negotiating unneeded contract extensions (see Stephen Jackson), vetoing prudent extensions (see Baron Davis), alienating star players (see Monta Ellis vs. moped), and last but certainly not least backstabbing a Warrior icon and the only glimmer of hope the franchise has seen in the front office this century (see future Knicks GM Chris Mullin) need to end NOW Mr. Cohan. End this futile reign of terror that Mr. Rowell has inflicted on all Warrior fans, Fire Robert Rowell TODAY!
     Larry Riley? Who? Why? The hiring of a GM should be done after an extensive search. A search that should extend a little farther than the bar stool next to the man mostly responsible for ruining your franchise over a decade ago before being brought back to do the favor once again. It's time to get a "real" GM to go along with your new president (maybe one and the same?). One that brings experience and a vision for the future. Hopefully someone that brings hope and exudes confidence in the future. The time is now Chris Cohan, bring on the future, fire Larry Riley TODAY!
     The final piece of your reorganization is the clearest and most important, fire Don Nelson now! He was never the right guy (sorry Mullin but hiring Nelson was your biggest and fatal mistake). His quest for the all time wins record is one of the biggest jokes in sports. Are we to forget his record forr all time losses? The fact he has never been to finals a a coach let alone win a championship is that to be overlooked also? How about his inability to develop young players (the Warriors were a young team last I looked)? What good is salary cap room if no player (unless given far more than market value - see Corey Maggette) of any true value will ever sign to play for "Nellie"? Nelson ruined this franchise the first time around and has helped do it again this time. He won't leave without his money (see Mark Cuban and Chris Cohan 1), another 6 million next year (thanks again Mr. Rowell) so bite the bullet Mr. Cohan and pay him off. We can't wait that long to get this franchise moving forward. Fire Don Nelson TODAY!
     You have one of the most valuable pieces of an NBA franchise, you have fans that are loyal to a fault. We pay our money for tickets, merchandise, and give you decent TV ratings without getting much in return. Imagine what it would be like if we tasted more than a small drip of success (see "We Believe")? Wouldn't it be nice to be welcome in your own arena? You are not only the owner but you have been a life long Warrior fan? Your tenure as owner has been to say the least "painful", but it's never too late to try Chris. Let the healing begin Mr. Cohan. It's your move and Warrior fans have put you on the clock.
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